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Fowler's Fowl Emporium

Since 1967 Philo Fowler has been the premier guinea breeder in the Midwest. Border to border and coast to coast Philo’s fowls have been judged best in show and grand champion poultry entry in contests from the Cannery Row Birding Exposition in Monterey, California to the Key West annual Papa Hemmingway bird run. If you want to add a level of security to your farm or ranch there’s no better way than to introduce Fowler’s Guineas to your homestead. Guineas will alert you when something is afowl and in most cases eradicate the intruder on their own. It’s best to establish young guineas to your location so their allegiance is to the property they’re most familiar with. We recommend ordering 3 to 4 week old hatchlings. A good bird to range stocking is fifteen to twenty keets per acre. Fowler’s Fowl Emporium has a constant supply of eight hundred to one thousand keets hatching monthly so most of your needs can be met in one order. To receive ordering information send five dollars cash along with a stamped self addressed envelope to: Fowler’s Fowl Emporium 2001 Butter and Egg Road, Cottonwood Corners, Kansas


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