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We're mighty happy to welcome a new underwriter to our show, COWBOY PRAIRIE DUST; Makers of a big array of seasonings and pork rinds!

Grillmasters- it's time to elevate your game. They know your primal desires: a cold beverage in one hand, juicy meat on the grill, and only the best seasoning to show off your BBQ skills.

All Cowboy Prairie Dust seasonings are non-GMO, contain no artificial favors or colors, and will soon be your go-to staple when you set out to grill. Get grillin' with them!

Check out their line of flavored Pork Rinds!!....Light, crispy, airy, savorly seasoned, and healthy. We're not piggin' you! Their pork rinds are packed with protein, low in carbs, good fats, are keto-friendly, and a great natural source of collagen!

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