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Howdy Fred Kelly Custom Guitar Picks!

We are mighty happy to welcome a new underwriter to the family, Fred Kelly Custom Guitar Picks of Grayling, Michigan!

These exceptional American made picks have gained an impressive list of professional musicians who demand only the best picks for their performances. Here are just a few:

Doyle Dykes, Michael O`Dorn, Buster “B” Jones, Richard Kaiser,Thom Bresh, Kenny Gill, Jonathon Burchfield, Nokie Edwards, Tommy Flint, Julian Smith, Anthony Smith, Bob Saxton, Pat Kirtley, Laurol Luppi, Kynch O’Kaine, David Gillis, Douglas Gery, Michael Fath, and Thomas Pickels.

Are you looking for that special touch to your music? That special sound? Then follow the link and check them out, you'll be glad you did!


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