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"Poor Cat"

Its been dry here at the Swinging Gate Ranch. Deadly dry. Both of our ponds are now bone dry, but in reality, that's kinda / sorta a good thing. We've been wanting a chance to get in there and seal the bottoms to prevent leakage when they do come back; and they will. Its just a matter of a few good Spring rains...... Enter the bentonite.

If you're not familiar with bentonite, its a natural clay who's properties include the ability to soak up many times its own weight in water. Its wonderful stuff for sealing ponds. Here's the only drawback... From where we are, the nearest bentonite "mines", if you will, are in Texas. For our project, we need about 2 applications of 500 lbs. per pond to do that job... Now, to have 500 lbs. of bentonite shipped up from Texas, to where we are in Kansas, costs about $500.00. Easy to figure huh...

Now, hold the harvest! There is good news. .. Kitty Litter.. Yep, kitty litter IS ground bentonite clay... You can buy a 50 lbs. bag of Kitty Litter (unflavored and unscented) at the farm store for about $4.00.... so now, instead of paying $500.00 for a bentonite from Texas, our cost goes down to about $40.00, give or take... we save only $460.00.

So, Cowgirl Janey and I are at the counter with a cart loaded with big bags of cat litter, when the cashier says, "Wow, that will last you a while..." to which I reply, "We've got a sick cat..."

On our next trip in for another load, that same cashier was there. The only thing she said was... "Poor Cat!"


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